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In an effort to demonstrate the expanding opportunities of network coverage, installation artist Aaron James created a pop-up theater designed to play videos directly from users’ smartphones when connected.

The original location of the space existed at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan but has since been moved to a garage space in downtown Detroit.

The 500 square foot cinema space is built of galvanized steel fence pipes and according to James, “is based on the assumption that the Internet can potentially deliver entertainment and information into any place, even a neighborhood that may be overlooked or discounted.”

via Springwise

View more images of the project at James\’ website


it’s been two days since  Super Bowl XLV and  I was interested to see how the top spots were faring on  YouTube and in the social media space.  Auto, CSD and CPG were the clear winners but which ones were spread through social media most?

Below are the top five most viewed but a useful page for viewing all the spots if you haven’t already found it is on  YouTube’s AdBlitz. in addition to a great resource called Viral Video Chart

I just pulled this information at 12:30 and the views and shares were still trending.

1.) Volkswagen:  “The Force” Views –  20,502,257 Shares – 656,323

2.) Chrysler:  “Imported From Detroit”  Views – 3,722,503 Shares – 62,484

3.) Brisk  “Eminem”:  Views – 1,551,597 Shares – 14,320

4.) Doritos:  “Pug Attack” Views – 1,464,550 Shares – 29,755

5.)  Doritos:  “The Best Part”:  Views – 1,420,393 Shares – 15,837

5.) Pepsi:  “Love Hurts”  Views – 1,263,006 Shares – 8.764

It’s been over a week since CES’11 concluded and if you were there, you undoubtedly saw Ford’s SYNC Applink display.  With an overwhelming number of tablets, mobile devices and 3DTV’s this year it was difficult to think of anything else but I found this technology to one of the standouts with the potential to impact the category in a fundamental way outside of carrier competition.

Essentially the technology allows drivers to integrate all their contacts, GPS tools and streaming media services, like Pandora for instance into their dashboard by syncing with their smartphone.  In addition, the app development is open sourced so the applications are limitless.  While the idea falls in line with  Ford’s “Hands On the Wheel, Eyes On the Road” mantra it’s also a part of a larger electrification strategy fo 2011 and beyond.  They recently announced a number of new EV announcements in Detroit and in-auto connectivity is a big part of that.

If and when this technology gains momentum, it has the potential to have a pretty large impact on everything from streaming media pricing models to the way we relate with our mobile devices.  Think about the potential to stream movie content from your mobile phone to entertain the kids in the back seat.

Dear freestanding GPS devices,  have you met the nail in your coffin?  Let me introduce you.

Take a look at a couple videos below and their technology site for more info on SYNC Applink and MyFord Touch.