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At a show that typically caters to hard-core gamers, EA made a big move Monday announcing one of their marquee franchises, the Sims is going social on Facebook. “Sims Social” will launch in five languages this summer  with an upcoming mobile app to go along with it.  The Sims franchise is the best selling PC game of all time and Sims Social has already garnered  nearly 90K likes on its Facebook page where early participants  can unlock exclusive  virtual content like a BBQ or keyboard.

In their press release EA states that, Being on Facebook means that players can connect with their real friends inside the game to share their creations and adventures, and even misadventures, of their Sims.

Check out the trailer from E3 (via or visit the page to learn more.


After day 1 of E3, I’m personally experiencing a feeling of sensory overload.  I thought it only fitting to highlight some sensory technology innovations.  Immerz is a company that utlizes what they’re calling “full sensory immersion gear” to permeate low frequency vibrations through your chest cavity to elicit responses from  your brain that in turn sends messages to the rest of your body making you feel as if  you’re right in the middle of the action  your.  Check out my interview with Shahriar Afshar, founder and president a well as one of their promo videos.

Xbox’s Media press conference has just concluded…here are the key announcements:

  • Introduction of voice controled TV
  • YouTube comes to Xbox 360
  • Bing comes to Xbox 360 with voice enabled search
  • Live TV from US and international partners including SKY and FOX
  • Kinect Fun Labs:  LIVE today for all Xbox LIVE subscribers
    •  Play with gadgets and game industry innovations right from your console
    • Instant Avatar translation
    • Finger tracking:  Take a picture of yourself by drawing with your finger in front and behind the image  and then view it from different angles in 3D
    • Object Capture:  scan in virtually anything then animate and interact with it in a game like fashion… kind of brings yours kids Binky to a whole new level doesn’t it.