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Sprint has dedicated a portion of its retail space in the Flatiron building in NYC to an installation art project meant to demonstrate their commitment to “environmental responsibility balancing technological development with green initiatives.”

The installation has an element of performance art in that artist Gwyneth Leech draws on used (but clean) paper cups and hangs them and encourages onlookers to make their own creations.  The performance of sorts takes place from 11-2p Monday to Friday through December 31st.  Leech’s creations are available for view on her blog,

Read more about the project  on


Check out Sprint’s recent YouTube campaign, “Bubble Mania,” a video series featuring content shot on their HTC EVO 3D handsets.  The campaign encourages device owners to upload their own creations via the hashtag, #3Dbubbles.  On an interesting side note, who knew YouTube had a 3-D toggle button?  Thanks for passing along John M.

I have to say, after seeing the glass less 3D technology at CES this year I was pretty excited to get my hands on the new HTC EVO 3D device available on Sprint.   Following its announcement on Tuesday, HTC had it under glass allowing demos only to certified press but it was being demo’d at the Sprint lounge.  So I got a chance to take a look at it up close.

It was pretty amazing.  The 3D interface was slick and its ability to capture video in 3D and transfer it to a 3D television was pretty eye-catching.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a copy of the video (not that it would have been much good without a 3D display) but a few of us there reenacted some fight scenes right there in the booth and then had the opportunity to view them immediately.  Oscar-worthy performances to say the least.

Sprint recently announced  their largest subscriber gains since Q2’06.  Total adds were reported at  1.1 million while net postpaid adds only at 58,000.  In addition, Sprint reported their lowest postpaid customer churn in Q4’10 in its history at 1.86%.  The companies earnings showed an operating loss of $139 million on $8.3 billion in revenues but with a strong collection of 4G devices like EVO and Epic, according to Dan Hesse, they’ve got “momentum” heading into 2011.