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Xbox’s Media press conference has just concluded…here are the key announcements:

  • Introduction of voice controled TV
  • YouTube comes to Xbox 360
  • Bing comes to Xbox 360 with voice enabled search
  • Live TV from US and international partners including SKY and FOX
  • Kinect Fun Labs:  LIVE today for all Xbox LIVE subscribers
    •  Play with gadgets and game industry innovations right from your console
    • Instant Avatar translation
    • Finger tracking:  Take a picture of yourself by drawing with your finger in front and behind the image  and then view it from different angles in 3D
    • Object Capture:  scan in virtually anything then animate and interact with it in a game like fashion… kind of brings yours kids Binky to a whole new level doesn’t it.

Let the games begin…literally.  While the E3 expo hasn’t officially opened, news is beginning to flood the blogosphere on advancements in the gaming space.  According to website, VenutreBeat. Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect will unveil three new games at the conference one of which will allow gamers to fly through a carbon copy of California’s Disneyland.

In an effort to transcend motion-gaming into a universal experience, Microsoft will also be introducing two other titles with similar gaming experiences surrounding Star Wars and Sesame Street.  Stay tuned for multimedia coverage of these games this week.

Read the full article on VentureBeat





E3 Expo, the largest gaming conference in the U.S. is upon us.  Out ‘N Front will be reporting live from the event but prior to that coverage, I wanted to provide a quick snapshot of some of of the anticipated announcements we’ll see in Los Angeles this week.  As a caveat, I am by no means a gaming expert this coverage will be through the eyes of mobile and emerging technology.

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Some things I’ll be paying particular attention to:
  • The Big Three:  Nintendo “Project Cafe”, Xbox Kinect, Playstation NGP
  • Advancements in cloud gaming
  • Announcements surrounding tablet gaming
  • Motion gaming’s evolution
  • How will game developers address franchising coming to their conclusions?
  • Will developers embrace Xperia Play or are they already stretched thin?
  • Mobile gaming, mobile gaming, and more mobile gaming!

In the interest of keeping this short and concise, I’ve outlined the announcement highlights from last nights Microsoft Keynote with Steve Ballmer.  I’m going to shy away from PC related announcements here but these can all be viewed in the full transcript in the link concluding this post.

Mobile News:

  • Windows phones to be made available to Sprint and Verizon customers
  • Copy & Paste features added to Windows phones
  • OS performance enhancements to help app switching

Windows Phone 7:

  • Dedicated camera button that works even while in lock mode
  • Glance & Go: All the things you care about can now be accessed via one screen
  • Voice search capabilities
  • Bing has been brought to the phone via a dedicated button
  • Information hubs to help organize information, contacts and apps  (e.g. work/home life separation)
  • Big name app developments (BofA, Travelocity, Fandango)
  • X-box Live access
  • Increased gaming offerings

X-box 360/Kinect:

  • Introduced Zune and it’s catalog of movies, music and sports to the console
  • Controller free Hulu+ service announced
  • Integrated Kinect with Netflix (Spring)
  • Recount of November exclusive partnership with ESPN (3,500 live and demand sporting events from ESPN3 and highlight reels from
  • Carrying the BCS Championship Game in January (Oregon vs. Auburn)
  • Avatar Kinect  (this one deserves a video – see below)

Want to read the full transcript from the keynote?   Follow the link below