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Hitting a pre-thanksgiving wall? Take 20 minutes out of your day to view this video on the past, present and future of connectivity via Ericsson.


The time of year for pop-up stores is upon us and in the world of technology geeks, the WIRED store is a much-anticipated event.  This year, Conde Nast has taken over the space formerly occupied by the ESPN Zone in Times Square a much larger space than last year in SoHo.

This year, WIRED partnered with emerging social media app SONAR to enhance the experience.   When visitors check in via the Sonar app, they’re given a brief survey that pairs you with one of  WiredInsider‘s Tumblr personalities thatcurated the store this year including; The Adventure Capitalist, Culturazzi, Digital Gentlemen, Gastronaut, It Girl, and The Smarter Upstarter.  .You can then view personalized WIRED store recommendations.

While my personal guide may have been the “Gastronaut.” here are some of the things that caught my attention regardless of recommendations.  These are in no particular order.

1. Digitech IPB-10 Digital Pedal Board:  $499.95

2. ETRE 5 Point Gloves $64.90

3. ATARI 2600 in 24K Gold  $6,650

4. USB Typewriter $699.00

5.  Acousticom Sound Egg  $2,525

Check out the press release and website where all of the above products and more are available for purchase


SONY has announced they are working on a new f integrated Augmented Reality (AR)   technolgy called “SmartAR.”  The technology allows everything from text, virtual objects and images to be displayed through your  smartphone camera without the requirement of  special markers such as 2D bar codes.   The main difference in how this tech differers from existing AR applications is it’s s ability to display images to users in the 3D space.  Check out the video above.


Fujitsu laboratories   announced today the advent of a single device that can harness energy from light or heat, a process which previously required two separate devices.  I imagine companies looking to target eco-chic consumers already have their wheels spinning on bankable applications like energy collecting fleeces.

About Energy Harvesting
Energy harvesting is the process for collecting energy from the surrounding environment and converting it to electricity, and is gaining interest as a future next-generation energy source. Conventionally, electricity is supplied by either a power plant or a battery, requiring electrical wiring and replacement batteries. In recent years, the idea of using ambient energy in the forms of light, vibration, heat, radio waves, etc. has become increasingly attractive, and a number of methods to produce electricity from these different kinds of energy sources have been developed. Energy harvesting technology would eliminate the need for replacing batteries and power cords.

Via:  Akihabara News