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UK-based site Mixibits is taking the mix-making experience retrosocial by allowing users to create personalized mix tapes with retro skins.  Once created, you can then share the mix on Facebook or twitter.  The site doesn’t allow full streaming versions of the songs but it does drive viewers to Amazon to purchase the tunes.

Go ahead, share your favorite slow jam mix from HS.  You know you want to.


Google is hoping to fundamentally change the way people experience the web with their new Chromebook cloud-based laptop which goes on sale June 15th.  The device being produced by both Acer and Samsung includes  flash and offers a wide variety of apps via the Chrome Web Store.  Service.   Pricing plans at the moment are  $20 a month for educational use and $28 per month for enterprise.  A 3-year subscription will be required for both contracts.

The retail ticket  prices will start at $349 for the Acer Chromebook (WiFi) and go up to $499 for the Samsung Series 5 (3G). Chromebooks will be available via Amazon and Best Buy.  They’ll also be sold in UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy – with the vendors to be announced soon.

Furthering proof of the exploding e-book and tablet market, Barnes & Noble is reporting that its Nook  is the best-selling line of products in the retailers 40 year history.    While no hard numbers have been released outside of “millions,”  B&N is has also let on that more e-books have been sold on than print titles.  B&N isn’t alone following Amazon’s announcement that it’s Kindle3 is also the highest selling product sold by the company.

According to PC Magazine, “Barnes & Noble did reveal that 1 million Nook e-books were purchased and downloaded on Christmas Day alone. Top-selling titles included James Patterson’s “Cross Fire,” Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “The Confession” by John Grisham, and “Decision Points” by former U.S. President George W. Bush.”

via Mashable