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Ever since purchasing my iPad I’ve been on a hunt for a journal app that allows me to express my creative side.  I’m not shy about my love for visual note taking from sources like OgilvyNotes and new iOS app, Clibe looks like a great way for me to take a stab at it.   The application allows users to keep visual journals integrating text, brush-strokes and images via your library, iPad camera or Facebook account and place them right in the journal, doctor and manipulate them.

In addition, Clibe takes things a step further by allowing people to publish their journals in private mode or for all the world to see via their journal gallery.

The app is still in its infancy so give them a chance but I think the concept of social-journaling is a pretty interesting one.  It’s prompted me to go out and buy my first tablet pen to get the most of the experience.

Check out the site at:


Last Wednesday, Verizon announced the opening of their new Application Innovation Center în San Francisco. Its goal according to Verizon is to help developers “create, optimize and polish their ideas.”  Founding participants in the center include Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Samsung.  During their launch, they highlighted a large touchscreen display that allows users to search applications and view video demonstrations.  Take a peek IntoMobile’s video of the experience.

Avid user of Shazam?  Well let me introduce you to VideoSurf, a smartphone application that’s coming soon.  It  allows users to use their device  camera to capture information on television programs.  Once the information is captured the application surfs the web for all relevant information pertaining to that actor, program etc.

  • Search visually what you’re watching on tv
  • Recognize actors on-screen
  • Share what you’re watching