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Kevin Rose, formerly of Digg has been hard at work building up his new mobile app development company Milk Inc.  Their first project, Oink was launched a few weeks back at the Web 2.0 Summit.

The premise, take location-based check-ins the next level by allowing people to rate things in that particular location.  Want to find the best rated burgers in your vicinity?  This app is for you.  Visiting a tourist site, find the must-see spots.  Users can gain “Cred Points” by uploading photos, performing mini-reviews or rating spots in a “thumbs up, down or half-way” fashion.

The app is now live in the app store and available to play around with but a special invite is required to participate in the rating fun.  Stay posted for an update once I get my confirmation.


The Gamification of health is upon us.  As is the trend in Zombie culture. Combine the two and what do you get?  A fitness inspired mobile app that adds story lines to your daily workouts.

Highly acclaimed, mobile game maker, Six-To-Start has created a game called Zombies Run for  iOS and Android phones.  When users plug in their headphones and go for a run,  they  hear a narrated story of a zombie-infested world. You, the jogger takes on the role of “runner” with the job  to go out and collect supplies like ammo, medicine and batteries for your ragtag base of human survivors. The more you run, the more you acquire.

As reported by TechCrunch a new app from Massive Health is harnessing the recent consumer trend in mobile food spotting to put a new spin on personal diet diaries in their iPhone app The Eatery.

The concept is simple, snap a picture of what you eat and then rate it on a scale of “fit to fat.”  The food data is then measured and presented in an infographic interface to let you micromanage your eating behaviors.  In addition the application adds an element of crowd-sourcing by asking other users and friends to rate your food.

via Mashable


MetroPCS announced plans effective today that will allow customers to benefit from unlimited Rhapsody music downloads for an undisclosed time.  The company is packaging the service alongside their $60 p/month unlimited talk, text and surf  plan.  In addition, the bundle plan includes visual voice mail, MetroNavigator, and Pocket Express.  In order to take advantage, the purchase of one of their two Android devices  is required.

Since information on the deal is still fresh and somewhat  limited, I took the opportunity  to stop in one of their retail stores this afternoon to grab some literature and ask some questions.  The service will be available on a stand-alone app and while details are a little fuzzy on how long the free Rhapsody service will last, one  employee hinted in the 2-3 month range.

MetroPCS Rhapsody Unlisted promotional flyer

Rhapsody\’s promotional page

MetroPCS\’s promotional page

I’ve finally gotten around to playing with Converse’s  iPhone app, “The Sampler” which was launched in December.  If you haven’t seen it, it  allows users to virtually or I should say digitally try on a selection of converse shoes followed by the opportunity to purchase directly from their phones.

The app uses augmented reality  to select from a number of shoe types including Chuck Taylor’s, snap a picture wearing them, share with friends and then purchase.

It’s 2011 so get ready for a whole lot of  mobile activated social shopping experiences just like this one.

Check out some of the pics below.