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With the help of your smartphone and a little AR technology, bring our Starbucks coffee cup to life this holiday season.

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Romotive, a company founded by Phu Nguyen, Peter Seid, Keller Rinaudo, Romotive makes robotic platforms that use smartphones as their brains. Their first product is a robotic tank toy that people can customize (via hardware extensions & software), program, and control remotely via a live video feed.

The company has raised nearly $80,000 on Kickstarter

In an effort to demonstrate the expanding opportunities of network coverage, installation artist Aaron James created a pop-up theater designed to play videos directly from users’ smartphones when connected.

The original location of the space existed at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan but has since been moved to a garage space in downtown Detroit.

The 500 square foot cinema space is built of galvanized steel fence pipes and according to James, “is based on the assumption that the Internet can potentially deliver entertainment and information into any place, even a neighborhood that may be overlooked or discounted.”

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View more images of the project at James\’ website


AT&T announced plans today to drastically cut rates on their pre-paid plan options.  As reported by Computerworld, the company is now offering 10MB of data for $5, up from 1MB for $4.99.

The news came conveniently as the carrier announced its first GoPhone smartphone for pre-paid customers, the LG Thrive, which goes on sale April 17.  One would have to assume AT&T expects these consumers to consume data well past 10x their previous rate if they want to pull a profit taking into account the data allotment increase.

It is widely expected by analysts that carriers will begin heavily courting pre-paid customers who tend to be younger and prefer plans that are paid in advance to avoid needing a credit card to cover the costs for post-paid plans.


Two powerful brands have thrown in together to try and play catch-up in the lucrative smartphone race. Nokia has signed a deal with Microsoft to make the Windows Phone 7 platform the primary operating system for Nokia phones going forward, fed by the Microsoft Marketplace application store. (Nokia will offer Windows Phone 7 apps through its Ovi Store portal initially, according to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.) Nokia will try to expand the range of phones supporting the platform while Microsoft gains another partner for its Bing search engine and adCenter search ad services. It may seem late in the game for both companies, but the smartphone market continues to expand rapidly, particularly in markets where the segment is still in its nascent stages. And Nokia continues to enjoy a large market share of the non-smartphone market.

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