Day one is down in the books and comic fans were out in storm.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the costumes far exceeded my expectations.  Below are a couple of my personal favorites but there are a whole bunch on the Out ‘N Front Flickr stream

Ironic Flash

Captain America & Star Wars unite


Here I am in San Diego and to cover Comic-Con 2011.  It’s my first trip out here so I’m coming at this with an open mind and blank palette.  I’ve already had a chance to stop by the convention center (SDCC) to scope out the scene and see the early bird crowds.  So far a few hundred are already lined up for early registration in preparation for tonight’s preview. Overall  attendance over the next few days is expected to range from 130,000 – 200,000 this year.

So as to set the tone before things get crazy, here are a few of the key areas and attractions I’ll be paying particular attention to:

  • Games, Games, Games – this is the first time consumers will get their hands on E3 announcements
  • Marquee franchises from Marvel & DC and their soon to be released film properties
  • Cable TV announcements – lots of shows will have a big presence
  • Toy culture – this event promises lots of unboxing from Hasbro, Mattel and the likes
  • Anatomy of a fan – check ou the Flickr stream for some great photos of some of the most passionate fans out there

Xbox’s Media press conference has just concluded…here are the key announcements:

  • Introduction of voice controled TV
  • YouTube comes to Xbox 360
  • Bing comes to Xbox 360 with voice enabled search
  • Live TV from US and international partners including SKY and FOX
  • Kinect Fun Labs:  LIVE today for all Xbox LIVE subscribers
    •  Play with gadgets and game industry innovations right from your console
    • Instant Avatar translation
    • Finger tracking:  Take a picture of yourself by drawing with your finger in front and behind the image  and then view it from different angles in 3D
    • Object Capture:  scan in virtually anything then animate and interact with it in a game like fashion… kind of brings yours kids Binky to a whole new level doesn’t it.


E3 Expo, the largest gaming conference in the U.S. is upon us.  Out ‘N Front will be reporting live from the event but prior to that coverage, I wanted to provide a quick snapshot of some of of the anticipated announcements we’ll see in Los Angeles this week.  As a caveat, I am by no means a gaming expert this coverage will be through the eyes of mobile and emerging technology.

Have insight to share?  Join the conversation by commenting or contact me @neilcarty

Some things I’ll be paying particular attention to:
  • The Big Three:  Nintendo “Project Cafe”, Xbox Kinect, Playstation NGP
  • Advancements in cloud gaming
  • Announcements surrounding tablet gaming
  • Motion gaming’s evolution
  • How will game developers address franchising coming to their conclusions?
  • Will developers embrace Xperia Play or are they already stretched thin?
  • Mobile gaming, mobile gaming, and more mobile gaming!



I stopped by the T-Mobile booth this afternoon to get my hands on the new SideKick or what they were calling a “device built for messaging.”  Similar to the original, it had a quick reflex screen complete with spaced qwerty keys meant to make the texting process quicker.  If you take a close look at the keys you’ll notice there are built in emoticons.  I asked if the device would be pre-loaded with content, something TMO has done in the past (Avatar, Inception) but O was tp;d this device was all about the messaging, not about a high-def viewing experience.

I have to say, after seeing the glass less 3D technology at CES this year I was pretty excited to get my hands on the new HTC EVO 3D device available on Sprint.   Following its announcement on Tuesday, HTC had it under glass allowing demos only to certified press but it was being demo’d at the Sprint lounge.  So I got a chance to take a look at it up close.

It was pretty amazing.  The 3D interface was slick and its ability to capture video in 3D and transfer it to a 3D television was pretty eye-catching.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a copy of the video (not that it would have been much good without a 3D display) but a few of us there reenacted some fight scenes right there in the booth and then had the opportunity to view them immediately.  Oscar-worthy performances to say the least.