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T-Mobile is looking to digitize the ballgame program experience by introducing tables at Angel Stadium.  Using the carrier stocked tablets, G-Slates and Galaxy tabs, the carrier is allowing attendees to view the game program, follow stats, use their “radar gun” app and watch T-mobile TV/ESPN coverage.  The rental fee?  $10 for the game.

Video via the LA Times




I stopped by the T-Mobile booth this afternoon to get my hands on the new SideKick or what they were calling a “device built for messaging.”  Similar to the original, it had a quick reflex screen complete with spaced qwerty keys meant to make the texting process quicker.  If you take a close look at the keys you’ll notice there are built in emoticons.  I asked if the device would be pre-loaded with content, something TMO has done in the past (Avatar, Inception) but O was tp;d this device was all about the messaging, not about a high-def viewing experience.

Now that CES has come to a close, the one question I’m getting most often is, “what was the most impressive?”  That’s a pretty loaded question considering developments across a number of tech categories broke.  However, when it comes to mobile technology, if I had to pick one, the product with the most potential to impact the  category and likely an indicator of things to come would have to be Motorola’s Atrix 4G smartphone.

The device itself is equipped with a dual-core processor and 1G if RAM essentially putting a laptop computer in your pocket.  The screen is a crystal clear QHD display, the first of its  kind on a mobile device and it allows users to dock it with a larger peripheral device that turns it into a laptop or  desktop.   Motorola claims it’s the “World’s Most Powerful Smartphone,” and that may be the case but regardless they came back this year at CES and they came back big.

It’s official, Verizon has launched its 4G coverage in California and New Jersey.  Laptop users will now experience speeds up to 10x faster ( or 5-12 mbps) and will need 4G LTE modems which they can order online and need to check if coverage is available through their service locator site.  Handset coverage roll-out is expected to follow in 2011.