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Now that CES has come to a close, the one question I’m getting most often is, “what was the most impressive?”  That’s a pretty loaded question considering developments across a number of tech categories broke.  However, when it comes to mobile technology, if I had to pick one, the product with the most potential to impact the  category and likely an indicator of things to come would have to be Motorola’s Atrix 4G smartphone.

The device itself is equipped with a dual-core processor and 1G if RAM essentially putting a laptop computer in your pocket.  The screen is a crystal clear QHD display, the first of its  kind on a mobile device and it allows users to dock it with a larger peripheral device that turns it into a laptop or  desktop.   Motorola claims it’s the “World’s Most Powerful Smartphone,” and that may be the case but regardless they came back this year at CES and they came back big.



Lenovo pop-up cafe in the Venetian

For those of you in Vegas during CES you might have noticed Lenovo’s pop-up cafe in the Venetian shopping corridor.  The store, with restricted access to only invitees featured products in the windows and free coffee and food within.  Word has it that the colorful logo featured at the store will be short-lived and discontinued after the event.



Panasonic has been putting on a theater seating style display at CES featuring sports, gaming, fashion content and of course Avatar. It was pretty impreasive but nothing compared to Toshiba’s glassless 3-D model. Stay tuned for full coverage

Heading out to Las Vegas this year for CES?  Well there’s a Foursquare badge waiting for you if you check in at 5 of CES’s 10 venues.  For the first 2,000 attendees to show their badge at the CES Experience booth in the lobby, there is said to be a special gift waiting for you.  There will undoubtedly be other brand sponsored badges as well.  In 2009 Intel provided three and CEA, the show organizer offered one.  In addition, in conjunction with CEA, Foursquare & Sonos, two lucky badge holders will win a “House Full of Music.”

[UPDATE] Follow the below link for a full list of available badges