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After launching a couple weeks ago in the UK, Samsung has brought their 3D on demand service to the US with “dozens of pieces of free 3D content,” including trailers, music videos and educational content.  However, it’s limited to free content at the moment.

Samsung is planning to move towards a pay model by the end of 2011 to include feature films and short and full-length documentaries via the app which is available on the company’s connected 3D LED-lit LCD and 3D Plasma TVs.


Google has officially announced its NFC-based Google Wallet mobile payment service, complete with backing from a number of retail and financial partners including Subway, Macy’s, Walgreens, Toys ‘R Us, First Data, Citibank and MasterCard — plus Sprint on the carrier side.

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A new application, i3D is bringing a technology called Head Coupled Perspective (HCP) to bring.  Basically how the application works is the front facing camera on the device tracks the users head movements and adjusts the image accordingly creating the illusion of looking into a box.  On a side note, Google introduced a similar technology for Ice Cream Sandwich at this months I/O event.

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And to think I was following Josh Topolsky down the hall at The Wynn around this time.  Had I known he was on his way to viewing a prototype for the new Vizio tablet I would have kept a closer watch.

Following their announcement of launching a tablet and phone on January 3rd, Engadget got their hands on the model which according to the site is targeted for summer and to be priced competitively with the iPad.  It has an 8″ LCD screen at 1024 x 78 and is about the same thickness as the iPad.  I’m planning on stopping by the booth today for a full inquiry but in the meantime check out Engadget’s full coverage at the below link.