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It’s been over a week since CES’11 concluded and if you were there, you undoubtedly saw Ford’s SYNC Applink display.  With an overwhelming number of tablets, mobile devices and 3DTV’s this year it was difficult to think of anything else but I found this technology to one of the standouts with the potential to impact the category in a fundamental way outside of carrier competition.

Essentially the technology allows drivers to integrate all their contacts, GPS tools and streaming media services, like Pandora for instance into their dashboard by syncing with their smartphone.  In addition, the app development is open sourced so the applications are limitless.  While the idea falls in line with  Ford’s “Hands On the Wheel, Eyes On the Road” mantra it’s also a part of a larger electrification strategy fo 2011 and beyond.  They recently announced a number of new EV announcements in Detroit and in-auto connectivity is a big part of that.

If and when this technology gains momentum, it has the potential to have a pretty large impact on everything from streaming media pricing models to the way we relate with our mobile devices.  Think about the potential to stream movie content from your mobile phone to entertain the kids in the back seat.

Dear freestanding GPS devices,  have you met the nail in your coffin?  Let me introduce you.

Take a look at a couple videos below and their technology site for more info on SYNC Applink and MyFord Touch.

Consumer Electronics Show

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On January 5th, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) released their 2010 Sustainability Report outlining that highlighted strides the industry has made in the area of green initiatives including the design of more environmentally friendly products, to developing a national electronics recycling program.  The report which has been conducted since 2008 highlighted advancements such as:

  • Greener Design: US products registered with EPEAT (Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool) grew by 10% in 2009 to 48.5MM products
  • Green Packaging: Many manufacturers are switching to renewable materials including bio-plastics and recyclable materials
  • More efficient facilities: Ambitious goals for reducing GHG emissions
  • More energy-efficient products: 27,000 products met ENERGY STAR specs in 2009
  • eCycling: The CE industry recycled 200MM lbs. of products in 2009

A link to the full report can be found on CES web at the following link.

Base camp @ The Wynn

After leaving on a 6 am flight (with an unscheduled stopover in Cincinnati for some reason) I’ve finally arrived in Vegas for CES’11.  Let the madness begin!  The plane ride itself seemed like one big networking session with more mobile devices than one could imagine.  Many including myself required  carry-on bags just to get all their devices onto the plane.  I’m a newbie here so I was getting advice left and right.  As soon as the aircraft reached 34,000 feet it seemed like mini breakout  sessions had already begun.  Everyone from journalists, designers, engineers and venture capitalists all eager to get a head start.  I walked away with 5 business cards alone from the Admirals Lounge.

Here’s my goal for the week:  I’m going to attempt to blog throughout the day entirely from my mobile device (in this case a Sprint Evo 4G).  In addition, I’ll be posting nightly entries of some initial impressions from each day.

As a precursor to my posts, I wanted to lead with a couple of CES forecasts from Sean Dubravac, Chief Economist of CEA

  1. The Year of the Tablet: 80+ tablets are said to be in production for 2011, expect lots of different screen sizes
  2. The Year of 3D, Again: the entire 3D eco-system will be highlighted
  3. Internet Enabled Everything: Bringing the Internet directly to the TV
  4. App-lication: On televisions, tablets & mobile devices, inroads are expected in personal health & fitness as well as cameras, autos & digital displays

Make sure to check out the Flickr streams, tweets, Foursquare check-ins and the likes.  Get ready for a busy week with lots of posts and images.  Time to head down to the casino to do a little networking of my own.