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T-Mobile is looking to digitize the ballgame program experience by introducing tables at Angel Stadium.  Using the carrier stocked tablets, G-Slates and Galaxy tabs, the carrier is allowing attendees to view the game program, follow stats, use their “radar gun” app and watch T-mobile TV/ESPN coverage.  The rental fee?  $10 for the game.

Video via the LA Times


Samsung has been  creating a lot of buzz online  surrounding the launch of its new Galaxy Tab 8.9″ edition scheduled to be revealed at CTIA this year in Orlando.  During the past couple of days, two teasers were released, one  giving us a sneak peek how thin the device will be.

In another installment of “The Street.”  Below are some highlights from Samsung’s q4’10 earnings report.

  • 13% rise in net profits driven by hefty smartphone shipments
  • Company-wide profit of $3.06b up from $2.73 the previous year
  • Telecommunications business reported a$1.27b in profits (+38%)
  • Handset sales rose to $10 billion

Device Sales:

  • 10MM Galaxy S handsets sold in 2010
  • 2MM Galaxy Tabs have been shipped since launch 3 months ago


  • Samsung expects to grow its handset sales to double year-over-year in 2011
  • Attempts to diversify its smartphone lineup with AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) Plus Display, Dual-core application processors, and more mass market smartphones