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Another service has emerged that  attempts to tap into the “social fabric of TV.”  I’ve played around a whole lot of these services (Miso, GetGlue etc.) but have yet to find one that I can see myself adopting more than a week or so out of sheer novelty.  Perhaps this one will change my mind.  Some of you may remember a post a few months ago about a Shazaam’esque service that applies the technology to television viewing called “VideoSurf.”  Well  Into Now beat them to the punch hitting iTunes first.   The technology identifies what you’re watching based on 12 seconds of input and then adds a social element allowing users to share what they’re watching on Netflix, iTunes & IMDB.  It also integrates elements of passive discovery by recommending other programs you might like or the ability to search by topic.  For instance, the  image below are the results against “Charlie Sheen Winning!”

it’s been two days since  Super Bowl XLV and  I was interested to see how the top spots were faring on  YouTube and in the social media space.  Auto, CSD and CPG were the clear winners but which ones were spread through social media most?

Below are the top five most viewed but a useful page for viewing all the spots if you haven’t already found it is on  YouTube’s AdBlitz. in addition to a great resource called Viral Video Chart

I just pulled this information at 12:30 and the views and shares were still trending.

1.) Volkswagen:  “The Force” Views –  20,502,257 Shares – 656,323

2.) Chrysler:  “Imported From Detroit”  Views – 3,722,503 Shares – 62,484

3.) Brisk  “Eminem”:  Views – 1,551,597 Shares – 14,320

4.) Doritos:  “Pug Attack” Views – 1,464,550 Shares – 29,755

5.)  Doritos:  “The Best Part”:  Views – 1,420,393 Shares – 15,837

5.) Pepsi:  “Love Hurts”  Views – 1,263,006 Shares – 8.764


In a move that’s a clear indication casual gaming hit the masses in a big way in 2010, 20th Century Fox is partnering with Rovio’s “Angry Birds” to feature an embedded code that directs players to a special gaming level to promote the upcoming film Rio.  The spot, which is set to air in the 4th quarter will also be available on YouTube following the game.  User that successfully complete the level will be entered into a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will be catapulted (sorry I couldn’t resist myself) to film’s 3/22 release in Rio de Janeiro.

What’s even more interesting about this spot is that according to Fox, it’s the first time a Super Bowl ad has required viewers to stop, pause and capture an embedded code.   Nelson, thanks for passing this along.

Avid user of Shazam?  Well let me introduce you to VideoSurf, a smartphone application that’s coming soon.  It  allows users to use their device  camera to capture information on television programs.  Once the information is captured the application surfs the web for all relevant information pertaining to that actor, program etc.

  • Search visually what you’re watching on tv
  • Recognize actors on-screen
  • Share what you’re watching