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Foursquare announced this morning two features that will undeniably make the service a whole lot more social.  In early 2011 users will be allowed to push these photos to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr according to  co-founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Salvadurai.  In case you’re worried about privacy, any photos being pushed to your other networks will only be viewable by friends.


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Despite being nearly deterred from downloading this app because of the Japanimeesque design (I learned my lesson from Cooking Mama), I’ve been slightly consumed with Stickybits for the past few days.  Essentially the android and iPhone application uses barcode scanning technology and marries it with social media components allowing users to scan, post comments and add pictures of the products they consume.  At first glance the majority of posts surrond what you would expect; CSD beverages, beer and snacks.  Some of the pictures are pretty entertaining but I have yet to connect this application to my twitter and facebook feeds in fear of CPG companies marketing products I regularly use to me and my friends.  That said, I did receive a $10 iTunes card surrounding the Beatles exclusivity agreement by scanning a tin of Altoids.  Now I’m just waiting for some coupons.

I find this whole mobile scanning trend rather interesting and as I went off to do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping I couldn’t help but think that it would be interesting to partner with a younger skewing grocery chain like Wegman’s or a convenience chain like 7-Eleven, the results might be interesting

I received the above  E-mail last night from Gowalla announcing their partnership with Disney to enhance their theme park experiences.  Upon further investigation, i was pretty impressed with the robust offering on the site.  Check it out by clicking on the links below.