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As reported by, the Facebook phone is real and HTC will be its OEM.  The device, currently operating under the code name “Buffy” is said to run on enhanced version of Android customized by Facebook in order to best integrate its services as well as support HTML5.  The device is still a long way from hitting shelves with estimates ranging from 12 – 18 months.

Read the full article with more information on the handset on AllthingsD


MetroPCS announced plans effective today that will allow customers to benefit from unlimited Rhapsody music downloads for an undisclosed time.  The company is packaging the service alongside their $60 p/month unlimited talk, text and surf  plan.  In addition, the bundle plan includes visual voice mail, MetroNavigator, and Pocket Express.  In order to take advantage, the purchase of one of their two Android devices  is required.

Since information on the deal is still fresh and somewhat  limited, I took the opportunity  to stop in one of their retail stores this afternoon to grab some literature and ask some questions.  The service will be available on a stand-alone app and while details are a little fuzzy on how long the free Rhapsody service will last, one  employee hinted in the 2-3 month range.

MetroPCS Rhapsody Unlisted promotional flyer

Rhapsody\’s promotional page

MetroPCS\’s promotional page

Social Street View startup has announced plans to bring its panorama app,“360” to android devices  360 allows its users to quickly take high quality panoramas, which they can then view on the apps 3D viewer. Users can share panoramas via Facebook and Twitter, as well as view, comment, and “like” photos taken by people all over the world on 360′s public realtime feed. The app also taps into the phone’s location to allow users to discover other people using 360 in close proximity, using its “Around Me” option.

via TechCrunch Mobile

Android is substantial at just above 16% in the US according to eMarketer.    However, one of the issues the OS has always faced in the minds of consumers has been  the  integration of preexisting music purchases.  Since the birth of the iPod, consumers have been dropping lots of money in small  increments into the iTunes store.  Well,  all that money adds up and the ability for that investment to live on a persons mobile device has become  a major factor when looking at a new devices,  especially with the iPhone and iPad2 now available on 2 of the 4 major carriers.

In an effort to fix all that, Google has officially countered with a cloud-based service of their own called Music Beta (official launch name TBD).   The storage service, allows users to upload personal music collections from iTunes or other MP3 catalogs and access them from the web or any of the 100 million Android devices now active in the marketplace.  It also has a cache feature that banks a few of your most recent plays in the event you fall off the connectivity grid.

Health and fitness mobile apps are growing at an enormous pace.   Let me introduce you to Endomondo, a new one with a lot of buzz coming into CTIA this year.  Endomondo Sports Tracker uses GPS to track time, distance, speed and calories in real-time of any distance-based sport.

“Endomondo Sports Tracker is your full-fledged personal trainer,” said Mette Lykke, co-founder, Endomondo. “What’s more is that it goes beyond any other app available to become a motivator with social elements that provide peer pressure and support from friends. This is the future of social fitness.” (Via

The app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows operating systems in a  free lite edition and $3.99 pro edition which includes some additional goal setting features.

Today Verizon  launched their first LTE smartphone putting to rest how quickly they’d be releasing handsets on the new network.   The HTC Thunderbolt went on sale online and is currently on display in stores.  I made a drop by and took a few pictures of the display.

The device specs:  4.3-inch screen, priced at $250 on a two-year contract, Android 2.2 as the OS underlying the HTC Sense 2.0 UI,  8 megapixel camera with HD video recording, 768MB of RAM, and a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip

Verizon Store on 34th/7th NYC

Positioned right next to the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Interestingly, a sales person suggested to a customer that with the screen size on the Thunderbolt they wouldn’t even need a tablet…great job of up selling Verizon!