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T-Mobile is looking to digitize the ballgame program experience by introducing tables at Angel Stadium.  Using the carrier stocked tablets, G-Slates and Galaxy tabs, the carrier is allowing attendees to view the game program, follow stats, use their “radar gun” app and watch T-mobile TV/ESPN coverage.  The rental fee?  $10 for the game.

Video via the LA Times


According to MobileBeat, T-Mobile has confirmed it will be making its highly popular Wi-Fi calling feature free on supported Android devices.   However, T-Mobile loyalist joy may be short-lived.   Analysts are relatively certain that AT&T will put an end to that should the $39 billion dollar merger between the two companies get approved.

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T-Mobile will offer unlimited Wi-Fi calling to its subscribers starting on May 11. T-Mobile has been offering this WiFi calling or UMA service for few years and with an extra cost , you will call anywhere in the USA using WiFi without taking your minutes.

Right now you can make calls over a wireless network, which is useful where your data coverage is poor, but on the flipside, it cuts into your in-plan minutes. With this, you can make any calls using wifi for free. Great T-Mobile, keep bringing the good stuff .

Although AT&T has not yet filed its official application to have the FCC review its proposed purchase of T-Mobile. The FCC has taken the necessary first step of opening a Docketto receive documents and information from the corporations and the public. The docket number is WT 11-65 and is being overseen by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau within the FCC. Consumers have already started to file comments. This will likely be a long process and consumers your voice needs to be heard. We encourage you to file comments in this proceeding. Stacey Higginbotham at has also posted a list of ways consumers can comment on the proposed merger.