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T-Mobile is looking to digitize the ballgame program experience by introducing tables at Angel Stadium.  Using the carrier stocked tablets, G-Slates and Galaxy tabs, the carrier is allowing attendees to view the game program, follow stats, use their “radar gun” app and watch T-mobile TV/ESPN coverage.  The rental fee?  $10 for the game.

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On Wednesday, T-Mobile unveiled an Android application that aggregates and allows users to save and share local deals from group buying sites like LivingSocial.  The app which is titled “More For Me” will be preloaded on future handsets with plans to roll out on other operating systems including Blackberry and Windows.

According to MobileBeat, T-Mobile has confirmed it will be making its highly popular Wi-Fi calling feature free on supported Android devices.   However, T-Mobile loyalist joy may be short-lived.   Analysts are relatively certain that AT&T will put an end to that should the $39 billion dollar merger between the two companies get approved.

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T-Mobile will offer unlimited Wi-Fi calling to its subscribers starting on May 11. T-Mobile has been offering this WiFi calling or UMA service for few years and with an extra cost , you will call anywhere in the USA using WiFi without taking your minutes.

Right now you can make calls over a wireless network, which is useful where your data coverage is poor, but on the flipside, it cuts into your in-plan minutes. With this, you can make any calls using wifi for free. Great T-Mobile, keep bringing the good stuff .

Although AT&T has not yet filed its official application to have the FCC review its proposed purchase of T-Mobile. The FCC has taken the necessary first step of opening a Docketto receive documents and information from the corporations and the public. The docket number is WT 11-65 and is being overseen by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau within the FCC. Consumers have already started to file comments. This will likely be a long process and consumers your voice needs to be heard. We encourage you to file comments in this proceeding. Stacey Higginbotham at has also posted a list of ways consumers can comment on the proposed merger.