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According to mobile blogger Eldar Murtazin’s tweet, Microsoft is inking a deal to purchase Nokia phone business for $19 billion.  Murtazin has a reputation for being pretty plugged in to Nokia news

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In a stunning move, AT&T has acquired T-Mobile USA for a whopping $39 billion from Deutsche Telekom. The deal will deliver $19 billion in cash and $25 billion in stock to the German telecom giant. Along with acquiring approximately 8% of AT&T, Deutsche Telekom will also be gaining a seat on AT&T’s board of directors.

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According to a press release from XXX, AT&T has purchased Qualcomm‘s FLO TV spectrum for a $1.925 bn.  The network is said to cover nearly 300MM nationwide with its 700 MHz block network.   It’s E block spectrum covers nearly 70MM customers alone in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco and will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in AT&T’s future 4G mobile broadband  rollout

Qualcomm announced it’s closing of the FLO TV, the live TV service available on small handheld devices and through white labeled service on carriers like AT&T and once Verizon in October and is  expected to close down the service entirely in March.