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Xbox’s Media press conference has just concluded…here are the key announcements:

  • Introduction of voice controled TV
  • YouTube comes to Xbox 360
  • Bing comes to Xbox 360 with voice enabled search
  • Live TV from US and international partners including SKY and FOX
  • Kinect Fun Labs:  LIVE today for all Xbox LIVE subscribers
    •  Play with gadgets and game industry innovations right from your console
    • Instant Avatar translation
    • Finger tracking:  Take a picture of yourself by drawing with your finger in front and behind the image  and then view it from different angles in 3D
    • Object Capture:  scan in virtually anything then animate and interact with it in a game like fashion… kind of brings yours kids Binky to a whole new level doesn’t it.


A first-ever 3D “sportumentary” series, Bullproof debuts this Thursday at 9p on 3net, the joint 24/7 3D network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX.  Bullproof is a one-hour weekly series chronicling a group of professional bullfighters who risk their lives to save cowboys competing in the Championship Bull Riding (CBR) circuit.  Wildeyes Productions and Digital Revolution Studios produce the series.

via Cynopsis

For those unfamiliar with the network, check out their sizzle reel below.

Thanks go to Rekha for contributing this post.

If we were to pause for a second and recognize that all tech players including IBM, are constantly developing ways to push the boundaries and remain a leader, with Watson they have found a unique vehicle to latch on to and simplify to the masses what would otherwise be complicated to explain – the subject matter being data analytics and the vehicle being jeopardy!.

As we think about ATN, jeopardy! represents an untapped cultural phenomenon that IBM recognized and created an integrated communications approach to demonstrate industry leadership, promote discussion, generate PR, and invite consumer participation.

Tune in on 2/14 to watch how Watson competed against Jeopardy!’s top champions.

IBM’s corporate video promoting Watson:

A preview of the episode via Engadget:

For more information on Watson and IBM’s plans for application please visit the following link: