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According to a recent Consumer Reports survey of mobile carriers, AT&T ranked worst of the top 4 US carriers.  Over half  of iPhone owners in the survey’s 58,000 respondents  were “much less satisfied” with their service.

Another big finding from the survey was that 26-state provider U.S. Cellular beat out Verizon in satisfaction and Sprint pulled even against them.  In some areas (such as customer service) Sprint even ranked higher than Verizon marking a significant turnaround from earlier years.

It’s official, Verizon has launched its 4G coverage in California and New Jersey.  Laptop users will now experience speeds up to 10x faster ( or 5-12 mbps) and will need 4G LTE modems which they can order online and need to check if coverage is available through their service locator site.  Handset coverage roll-out is expected to follow in 2011.