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In a press conference this morning, streaming  Spotify announced the launch of a Spotify Apps platform into their streaming music service.  According to CEO, Daniel Ek, the service will bring better recommendations, ticketing and editorial content.  Launch partners include Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Songkick amongst others.

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UK-based site Mixibits is taking the mix-making experience retrosocial by allowing users to create personalized mix tapes with retro skins.  Once created, you can then share the mix on Facebook or twitter.  The site doesn’t allow full streaming versions of the songs but it does drive viewers to Amazon to purchase the tunes.

Go ahead, share your favorite slow jam mix from HS.  You know you want to.

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According to FierceMobile, Mobile music discovery solutions provider Shazam will integrate digital streaming music service Spotify, offering iOS and Android device users in Europe direct access to full-track versions of songs they’ve tagged and identified.

The service currently has 10MM users across Europe but it’s US market entry is unannounced.  BusinessWeek reported in mid-June that the four majors–Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music–want Spotify to follow the lead of rivals like Rhapsody and eMusic by introducing premium monthly subscriptions to U.S. consumers, enabling the music industry to share in resulting revenues.
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