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Kevin Rose, formerly of Digg has been hard at work building up his new mobile app development company Milk Inc.  Their first project, Oink was launched a few weeks back at the Web 2.0 Summit.

The premise, take location-based check-ins the next level by allowing people to rate things in that particular location.  Want to find the best rated burgers in your vicinity?  This app is for you.  Visiting a tourist site, find the must-see spots.  Users can gain “Cred Points” by uploading photos, performing mini-reviews or rating spots in a “thumbs up, down or half-way” fashion.

The app is now live in the app store and available to play around with but a special invite is required to participate in the rating fun.  Stay posted for an update once I get my confirmation.

Irvine California-based startup, Drumbi is looking to make the next leap in caller ID functionality.  The company’s iOS application essentially combines text and call functionality by adding a subject line to phone calls.  In addition, the app can be linked to Facebook as well as adding a location of the caller and level of urgency..

In the short-term this may simply aid in the reduction of small talk however, the company has a larger vision in the area of customer service.  Imagine next time you place a call to an airline or cable provider and you have the ability to include your question or reason for calling in that call. Assuming the business audience buys in, they’ll have the ability to route you directly to the appropriate party to most efficiently answer customer inquiries.

The application is currently available in the iTunes store free of charge.  For more information visit their website at and take a look at the video below for a demo.

Hyper-concerned parent just got a new tool to keep tabs on their little ones. Evoz is an iOS based application that turns your mobile device into a baby monitor and lets you listen to your child from anywhere in the world.  Taking it a step further, if you’re too busy to listen intently, the service will send you a text or E-mail when your baby starts crying.

On June 23rd, David Ogilvy would have celebrated his 100th birthday.  In celebration of this event, Ogilvy China released an application via iOS that replicates what a pitch session might have been like with the iconic Ad Man.  Once downloaded, the app adds a contact to your address book at which point you can then hold a video call over facetime to pitch your ideas.  Mr. Ogilvy then responds back with a few witty remarks in response.