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With the help of your smartphone and a little AR technology, bring our Starbucks coffee cup to life this holiday season.

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I’ve been following ARE 2011 (Augmented Reality Event) which kicked off today in Santa Clara California so I thought before I dig through all the news surrounding it, I’d highlight some of the AR technology applications we’ve seen  emerge in the mobile space in recent months.

Have some favorites of your own?  Feel free to comment and share.


This morning, Pioneer Japan introduced a series of 4 in-dash augmented reality GPS units.  Thanks to a camera placed on your windshield, these Pioneers Navigation systems will shoot live pictures of what’s in front of you and display them on your cars GPS with the instruction needed for more accurate guidance. Thanks to a clever set of calculation, these AR GPS will be able to calculate exact distance between any giving points (Cars, Point of Interest…) in order to give you the most accurate information possible to not miss your next turn but will also be capable to identify on which lane you are, red lights and others traffic signals.

Read the full article at Akihabara News

I’ve finally gotten around to playing with Converse’s  iPhone app, “The Sampler” which was launched in December.  If you haven’t seen it, it  allows users to virtually or I should say digitally try on a selection of converse shoes followed by the opportunity to purchase directly from their phones.

The app uses augmented reality  to select from a number of shoe types including Chuck Taylor’s, snap a picture wearing them, share with friends and then purchase.

It’s 2011 so get ready for a whole lot of  mobile activated social shopping experiences just like this one.

Check out some of the pics below.