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One of the more eye catching displays on the floor at CTIA was Kyocera’s concept phone display.  According to the booth representative, “This is kind of like our concept car display here at the show.”  The designer was on hand to answer questions about his inspiration for their design and although no plans have been confirmed for production, as you can see, they’re pretty sleek.


As a precursor to my coverage out at CTIA,  I’d like to provide a brief overview of some of the announcements, trends and topics that are on my radar while I’m out there.

Here’s what I’ll be paying close attention to:

  1. Dual-Core 4G Devices: Many devices were announced at previous shows this year but there’s likely still a few more on their way at CTIA.
  2. Tablets: How will manufacturers respond to the success of iPad2 from a pricing and feature standpoint?   Online buzz has surmounted surrounding a few new entrants in the space.
  3. The Rise of Pre-paid:  What new device offerings will be in their arsenal and how will pre-paid carriers adapt their pricing strategies?
  4. Apps & Content: Here I’m simply looking to make sense of what will undoubtedly be a flood of new applications and try to highlight some of the most interesting and impactful along the way
  5. Mobile Gaming: Remote access to gaming consoles was big news at CES.  These companies have to be looking across operating systems so as not to alienate current their customers  (Xbox LIVE in particular reported 10MM units of their Kinect were sold)
  6. Mobile Health: One of the biggest growth categories that’s grabbing a lot of attention this year
  7. NFC/Mobile Wallet: Mobile pay technology, it’s growth and  the battle between OEM’s in this space
  8. T-Mobile’s Sidekick 4G: Can TMO breathe new life into a badge device from the past with so many smartphones on the market?

Health and fitness mobile apps are growing at an enormous pace.   Let me introduce you to Endomondo, a new one with a lot of buzz coming into CTIA this year.  Endomondo Sports Tracker uses GPS to track time, distance, speed and calories in real-time of any distance-based sport.

“Endomondo Sports Tracker is your full-fledged personal trainer,” said Mette Lykke, co-founder, Endomondo. “What’s more is that it goes beyond any other app available to become a motivator with social elements that provide peer pressure and support from friends. This is the future of social fitness.” (Via

The app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows operating systems in a  free lite edition and $3.99 pro edition which includes some additional goal setting features.

Another conference, another series of  postings from the ground.  From March 21st – 24th I will be reporting, capturing images and shooting video live from the exhibition floor in  Orlando for  CTIA’s 2011 Mobile Life Conference.  If you haven’t already, sign up to receive E-mail updates, tweets  and follow my Flickr stream to stay Out ‘N Front of all the latest breaking news surrounding the event.  In addition, I have a few surprises in store that will provide some insight into the way the mobile space is changing and how consumers are interacting with the platform.  See you there!