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After launching a couple weeks ago in the UK, Samsung has brought their 3D on demand service to the US with “dozens of pieces of free 3D content,” including trailers, music videos and educational content.  However, it’s limited to free content at the moment.

Samsung is planning to move towards a pay model by the end of 2011 to include feature films and short and full-length documentaries via the app which is available on the company’s connected 3D LED-lit LCD and 3D Plasma TVs.

Google is hoping to fundamentally change the way people experience the web with their new Chromebook cloud-based laptop which goes on sale June 15th.  The device being produced by both Acer and Samsung includes  flash and offers a wide variety of apps via the Chrome Web Store.  Service.   Pricing plans at the moment are  $20 a month for educational use and $28 per month for enterprise.  A 3-year subscription will be required for both contracts.

The retail ticket  prices will start at $349 for the Acer Chromebook (WiFi) and go up to $499 for the Samsung Series 5 (3G). Chromebooks will be available via Amazon and Best Buy.  They’ll also be sold in UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy – with the vendors to be announced soon.

In another installment of “The Street.”  Below are some highlights from Samsung’s q4’10 earnings report.

  • 13% rise in net profits driven by hefty smartphone shipments
  • Company-wide profit of $3.06b up from $2.73 the previous year
  • Telecommunications business reported a$1.27b in profits (+38%)
  • Handset sales rose to $10 billion

Device Sales:

  • 10MM Galaxy S handsets sold in 2010
  • 2MM Galaxy Tabs have been shipped since launch 3 months ago


  • Samsung expects to grow its handset sales to double year-over-year in 2011
  • Attempts to diversify its smartphone lineup with AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) Plus Display, Dual-core application processors, and more mass market smartphones