Social Media

Get ready for your feeds to get flooded, your requests for virtual gifts to skyrocket and your parents to announce they’ve adopted a sims dog, The largest PC gaming franchise has just gone love with its Sims Social on Facebook.


You have to be careful what you say in media centric office elevator banks these days.  This roughly 24-hour old twitter handle has a mere 26 tweets but has already garnered  9,000 followers and counting.

At a show that typically caters to hard-core gamers, EA made a big move Monday announcing one of their marquee franchises, the Sims is going social on Facebook. “Sims Social” will launch in five languages this summer  with an upcoming mobile app to go along with it.  The Sims franchise is the best selling PC game of all time and Sims Social has already garnered  nearly 90K likes on its Facebook page where early participants  can unlock exclusive  virtual content like a BBQ or keyboard.

In their press release EA states that, Being on Facebook means that players can connect with their real friends inside the game to share their creations and adventures, and even misadventures, of their Sims.

Check out the trailer from E3 (via or visit the page to learn more.

If you  participate in Foursquare, you may have received a few invites,  seen some facebook status updates and twitter posts  surrounding the launch of a site called Scoville.  While the site has been in beta for a couple months available to foursquare ‘superusers,’ it just hit the relative mainstream yesterday.

I’ve taken the leap, joined and done a little research so here’s what I’ve found.  From what I can tell, the site aggregates all your check-ins (via Foursquare) gives you one week to select your favorites and then allows you to schedule to post them once a week on what they’re calling  #TopTuesday.    As you build up your preferences, Scoville then begins to provide you with customized recommendation on new places to explore.  I’ll let you know how it goes on my first #TopTuesday.