[GAMING] Disney uses “Where’s My Water” mobile game looks to launch new character

For the first time, Disney is looking to launch a multimillion dollar franchise character via the small screen.  The strategy behind the “Where’s My Water,” a game that launched on September 22nd,  was to invest in a mobile game prior to green lighting a theatrical release based on the character Swampy, a subterranean sewer living gator. .  In a business where animated films can often take up to 5 years  and cost millions to produce, putting a  few hundred thousand dollars out there to gauge interest and build a fan base is a much less risky proposition.

Considering the app is one of the top ranking paid apps at 99 cents and displaced the record-setting “Angry Birds” game from the No. 1 spot for three weeks according to Bloomberg.  It appears the strategy is working.

The concept of the game is simple.  Swampy, an alligator who lives in the sewer is desperately in need of a bath.  Players slide their fingers across their iPhone (or iPad) screens digging through dirt to guide water into the gator’s tub while at the same time dodging toxic waste and collecting rubber duckies as prizes.


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