[STARTUP] OneReceipt Aims To SImplify Online Receipts

In recent months I’ve been paying much closer attention to the world of start-ups.  My goal is to provide my readers with some intelligence on new and emerging companies I believe are doing a good job of filling online, mobile and behavioral need gaps.  The danger in that of course is that a large portion of these companies will likely go nowhere but I’m not a VC guy so my out-of-pocket cost is simply the time spent on these posts.  That said, this will be a regular thread on Out ‘N Front moving forward…that is until my inbox gets flooded by E-mails or I become subject to personal identity theft!

OneReceipt, currently in private beta, is a site that essentially aims  to help consumer make sense of the barrage of E-mail receipts filling their inboxes.  It provides order, analytics, insight and rewards  behind purchases.  Think about all the micro-payments we make these days where the records get lost.  Work in media, this may be a good way of organizing some tax deductions come tax season,  Outside of the organizational/micromanaging benefit, the company will also be integrating rewards based on frequent purchases.  Like to go to restaurant you just might receive a discount coupon It will also send notifications when return policies are about to expire.

I for one am scared at the idea of actually seeing how much money I’m spending on apps and music but here goes.  The site is a member of eTrust for those fearful of giving out privacy information.

Update:  11/5/11

Now that I’m accepted into the service, the potential of this product is immense.  It allows you to cut all your spending by year, category and expense type (business/personal).  In addition, watch out corporate expense program, the ability to go back and search for original receipts is going to make submitting e-receipts a breeze.


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