LIVE Coverage from Comic-Con 2011

Here I am in San Diego and to cover Comic-Con 2011.  It’s my first trip out here so I’m coming at this with an open mind and blank palette.  I’ve already had a chance to stop by the convention center (SDCC) to scope out the scene and see the early bird crowds.  So far a few hundred are already lined up for early registration in preparation for tonight’s preview. Overall  attendance over the next few days is expected to range from 130,000 – 200,000 this year.

So as to set the tone before things get crazy, here are a few of the key areas and attractions I’ll be paying particular attention to:

  • Games, Games, Games – this is the first time consumers will get their hands on E3 announcements
  • Marquee franchises from Marvel & DC and their soon to be released film properties
  • Cable TV announcements – lots of shows will have a big presence
  • Toy culture – this event promises lots of unboxing from Hasbro, Mattel and the likes
  • Anatomy of a fan – check ou the Flickr stream for some great photos of some of the most passionate fans out there

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