Apple’s iCloud…It’s official

via Three words summarize Steve Jobs’ plan for iCloud, “Free, Storage & Sharing”

The service will allow users to download and share various iOS and Mac OSX files including photos, music, calendars and books to multiple devices with some applications working with Windows-based systems.

One of the more notable announcements surrounded iTunes where users can re-download previously purchased music files on other platforms once set up.  In addition, iTunes Match was announced in which your non-iTunes library is scanned and matches similar content and uploads it to the cloud.  This service will be available in March for $24.99 and includes up to 20,000 songs.

What’s free?  5GB of mail, document and back up storage for music, apps and books.  It all be available this fall.

  1. PopCultureMngr said:

    Interesting devleopment… my question is what does this mean for the MobileMe users… will this iTunes development become a new free feature… I hope so!

  2. I suppose we’ll all have to wait and see. Something interesting to look into.

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