Scoville site provides customized Foursquare recommendations

If you  participate in Foursquare, you may have received a few invites,  seen some facebook status updates and twitter posts  surrounding the launch of a site called Scoville.  While the site has been in beta for a couple months available to foursquare ‘superusers,’ it just hit the relative mainstream yesterday.

I’ve taken the leap, joined and done a little research so here’s what I’ve found.  From what I can tell, the site aggregates all your check-ins (via Foursquare) gives you one week to select your favorites and then allows you to schedule to post them once a week on what they’re calling  #TopTuesday.    As you build up your preferences, Scoville then begins to provide you with customized recommendation on new places to explore.  I’ll let you know how it goes on my first #TopTuesday.

  1. I just registered on Scoville today and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. Guess it will be hard to get 1,000 users in a small town as Kristiansund, Norway. Wrote about it on my blog, though:

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