Google counters Apple by introducing their own cloud-based music platform

Android is substantial at just above 16% in the US according to eMarketer.    However, one of the issues the OS has always faced in the minds of consumers has been  the  integration of preexisting music purchases.  Since the birth of the iPod, consumers have been dropping lots of money in small  increments into the iTunes store.  Well,  all that money adds up and the ability for that investment to live on a persons mobile device has become  a major factor when looking at a new devices,  especially with the iPhone and iPad2 now available on 2 of the 4 major carriers.

In an effort to fix all that, Google has officially countered with a cloud-based service of their own called Music Beta (official launch name TBD).   The storage service, allows users to upload personal music collections from iTunes or other MP3 catalogs and access them from the web or any of the 100 million Android devices now active in the marketplace.  It also has a cache feature that banks a few of your most recent plays in the event you fall off the connectivity grid.


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