Pepsi introduces new social vending platform

Next-gen vending is all the rage these days.  Coca-Cola introduced the ‘Freestyle’, a personalized soda fountain dispenser in 2009 that  allows customers to create their own personalized  drink…20% Cherry, 10% Vanilla 70% Coke Zero for example.  Of course all these combinations are then sent back to the Coca-Cola mother ship to aid in new product development.

In a move to one up the experience, PepsiCo has taken the vending experience to the next level by adding social components.  The company announced last Wednesday what they’re calling  “social vending” which allows people to send sodas to their friends directly from the vending machine via a text message that embeds a code with a message and a video that can be redeemed and  viewed at another machine.    In addition, the technology allows peoole to connect with the Pepsi Refresh program, record videos and view content.  Take a look at the video above.

Read the full article on Mashable

Another great link on vending from TrendHunter


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