Ford’s SYNC @ the Int’l Auto Show in NYC

I had a chance to stop by the International Auto Show today to check out some of the ways automakers are integrating the mobile device. Coming in, I had two booths On my hit list. Ford for their Sync technology and Audi for their planned app-enabled dashboards and T-Mobile partnership in 2012 models. I was pretty disappointed with the latter who had no mention of the technology. The person at the booth actually had no idea what I was talking about. Moving on.

Ford on the other hand had an Edge on display enabled with Sync and their new voice command features. the tech allows drivers to save up to 12 unique users, all recorded and logged based on who pays the bill. It allows you to download all of your contacts and then uses voice commands to activate. In addition to contact downloads, there are tethering packages available through AT&T (plan price TBD) as well as current deals in place with Twitter and Pandora. I was a little upset not to see that in action yet after seeing it at CES but after all, this is a consumer focused show.

I also stopped by Toyota’s booth where I found a smaller display surrounding app migration through their XM Satellite service. The service, called Entune essentially does the same thing as competing services except in their case, they’re using satellite radio as their service provider.

I have a whole lot of images from the show that can be viewed On the Flickr stream which you’ll find on the right hand side of the home page. .




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