Verizon “Unleashed” $50 Prepaid Pricing Plan


Following my earlier post on AT&T’s plans to adjust their pre-paid pricing strategy, I did a little digging and they’re not the only ones.  Verizon is  launching a $50 Verizon-branded prepaid Unlimited plan dubbed ‘Verizon Unleashed’; and they have now published details of the plan on their company website.   However, there is no indication that the $50 Verizon Unleashed plan has actually launched (as the website pages cannot be navigated to directly from Verizon’s main homepage or prepaid page).  It is also still unknown as to what the distribution channels will look like or whether or not this will be a regional offering.

Plan Details:

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text,  Picture and Video messaging  (including messages to participating carriers in Mexico, Canada and PR)
  • Unlimited Mobile Web – does not provide full web browsing

Available Handsets:

The carrier will be offering three low-priced feature handsets (flip, bar QWERTY and QWERTY slider) with the $50 Verizon Unleashed plan ranging from $39 to $79 (see below).  The Accolade (flip) and Cosmos (QWERTY slider) are currently in VZW’s prepaid device lineup.  The Caper QWERTY handset is new to the prepaid lineup.
No smartphones are shown to be offered with this plan right now.

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