Apple files patent that may allow iPad to switch from Color to E-Ink

Despite gang buster sales in the tablet space, the iPad has always been criticized in one area; its viewing capabilities in direct sunlight. Devices like the Kindle are easier to read because they use E_Ink, a proprietary type of electronic paper that was developed at the MIT Media Lab. The technology which is used most commonly on e-readers, mobile phones and watches takes  electronic material and  processes it into a film.

Apple  may be working on a solution to rectify the issue. The company  showed interest in the technology  this week in a new patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The filing, entitled “Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display,” describes hardware that can selectively switch between the two types of screens.  Basically it would allow users to dynamically switch all or just part of color  screen to black and white E-ink or static images.

Via Business Insider


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