Bravo announces “transmedia” strategy with Top Chef

With the rise in tablet adoption, the trend in couch surfing is continuing to rise and as a result, cable networks are developing cross-platform programs to tap into this behavior.

Bravo for example announced yesterday they will be implementing a “transmedia” strategy with their Top Chef franchise.   Users will be drawn into interacting with the show across mobile, online, tablets, social media and on-air, unlocking new levels of content and ultimately driving further engagement.

While Bravo isn’t included amongst the top players, below is a great list from Cynopsis Digital painting a picture of the strongest cable network followings on Facebook.

Top 10 Cable Networks on Facebook (As of 3/29)
Network  Fans                Official Page
MTV                                     18,126,002       
HIST                                    4,079,907          
ESPN                                   3,677,495          
DISC                                    2,729,734          
HBOM                                 2,718,473          
TOON                                  2,636,906         
APL                                       2,101,927         
VH1                                      1,987,956         
CNN                                     1,899,447         
FOXN                                   1,812,103          

Source:  Cynopsis Digital


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