APP Lifestyle: IntoNow

Another service has emerged that  attempts to tap into the “social fabric of TV.”  I’ve played around a whole lot of these services (Miso, GetGlue etc.) but have yet to find one that I can see myself adopting more than a week or so out of sheer novelty.  Perhaps this one will change my mind.  Some of you may remember a post a few months ago about a Shazaam’esque service that applies the technology to television viewing called “VideoSurf.”  Well  Into Now beat them to the punch hitting iTunes first.   The technology identifies what you’re watching based on 12 seconds of input and then adds a social element allowing users to share what they’re watching on Netflix, iTunes & IMDB.  It also integrates elements of passive discovery by recommending other programs you might like or the ability to search by topic.  For instance, the  image below are the results against “Charlie Sheen Winning!”


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