In another installment of “The Street.”  Below are some highlights from Samsung’s q4’10 earnings report.

  • 13% rise in net profits driven by hefty smartphone shipments
  • Company-wide profit of $3.06b up from $2.73 the previous year
  • Telecommunications business reported a$1.27b in profits (+38%)
  • Handset sales rose to $10 billion

Device Sales:

  • 10MM Galaxy S handsets sold in 2010
  • 2MM Galaxy Tabs have been shipped since launch 3 months ago


  • Samsung expects to grow its handset sales to double year-over-year in 2011
  • Attempts to diversify its smartphone lineup with AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) Plus Display, Dual-core application processors, and more mass market smartphones

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