Verizon to Announce iPhone Availability @ 11:00a

Source: Washington Post

Verizon and Apple two brands with enormous brand loyalty are expected to announce news of the iPhone release this morning at 11:00am.  Stay tuned, I’ll be updating this post with live news and stats from around the web.  Also, follow @Outnfront on twitter for links to articles.

“Analysts estimate Verizon iPhone sales this year would range from 5 million to 13 million, some coming from what AT&T would have sold.”  – The Washington Post

“Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, estimates that Verizon could activate as many as nine million iPhones in the coming year, or as much as 40 percent of its total smartphone sales for the year. Up to 6.5 million of those subscribers could be defectors from AT&T, he said.” – The New York Times

“Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Chaplin estimates Verizon will sign up 9.6 million iPhone subscribers through 2012, and that 1.3 million of them will be defectors from AT&T, which had 67.7 million contract subscribers at the end of September.” –
According to TechCrunch @Verizon is tweeting news on the release of the iPhone as is @verizonwireless and they’re tweeting from an iPhone.

Lots of live feeds to follow for the event release including Engadget

The Live Feed has begun on Engadget – I will be pulling highlights:

‘we displayed an armada of new devices.'” – Lowell Macadam

11:08AM:  iPhone 4 will be available early next month.”

Via Engadget LIVE feed

11:15AM  “iPhone 4 is going to run on our network… network capacity — we have advanced the capacity and built margin into it. We’re ready for this launch.”

11:17AM $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB — mobile hotspot included! Up to 5 devices.
11:23AM Q: Is the CDMA iPhone exclusive to Verizon?  Tim: It’s a multi-year, non exclusive deal.

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