CES Microsoft Keynote: The Highlights

In the interest of keeping this short and concise, I’ve outlined the announcement highlights from last nights Microsoft Keynote with Steve Ballmer.  I’m going to shy away from PC related announcements here but these can all be viewed in the full transcript in the link concluding this post.

Mobile News:

  • Windows phones to be made available to Sprint and Verizon customers
  • Copy & Paste features added to Windows phones
  • OS performance enhancements to help app switching

Windows Phone 7:

  • Dedicated camera button that works even while in lock mode
  • Glance & Go: All the things you care about can now be accessed via one screen
  • Voice search capabilities
  • Bing has been brought to the phone via a dedicated button
  • Information hubs to help organize information, contacts and apps  (e.g. work/home life separation)
  • Big name app developments (BofA, Travelocity, Fandango)
  • X-box Live access
  • Increased gaming offerings

X-box 360/Kinect:

  • Introduced Zune and it’s catalog of movies, music and sports to the console
  • Controller free Hulu+ service announced
  • Integrated Kinect with Netflix (Spring)
  • Recount of November exclusive partnership with ESPN (3,500 live and demand sporting events from ESPN3 and highlight reels from ESPN.com
  • Carrying the BCS Championship Game in January (Oregon vs. Auburn)
  • Avatar Kinect  (this one deserves a video – see below)

Want to read the full transcript from the keynote?   Follow the link below


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